Don't Take the Fall for Your Accident

Don't Take the Fall for Your Accident

Work with a slip-and-fall accident attorney in Memphis,

A slip can cause muscle strains, bruises and even broken bones. If you need a slip-and-fall accident attorney, turn to Payne Law Firm.

Residents of Memphis, TN have trusted us with their personal injury cases for over 25 years. We're dedicated to getting you the financial compensation you deserve for your injury. Discuss your case with our personal injury attorney right away.

What can affect a slip-and-fall claim?

To make a slip-and-fall claim, your personal injury attorney will have to prove that the owner of a property is at least partially responsible for your accident. You may have a strong claim if the dangerous area where your accident occurred:

  • Was poorly lit
  • Didn't have warning signs or safety cones
  • Contained a safety risk for a while that was ignored by the owner

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